electrical safety


Exquisit VIP's Living Room Highlights

Keeping your space private The LMC mullti-function blinds provide shade and insect protection. Aluminium layers make them opaque from the outside and protect your private space.

Electrical spark ignition The electrical spark ignition provides for a hazard free switching on of the stove burners .

Drawer runners with soft close As easy as being at home. Soft top closing makes kitchen work comfortable.

Storage space/payload
The AL-KO lightweight design chassis and weight sparing production allow for greater storage space. A variety of clever storage space systems offers a lot of space and avoids unused empty spaces

Smoke detector
. Every caravan is equped with smoke detectors.

Ventilated furniture
Ventilated furniture allows air to circulate in the interior. The warm air rises and provides an optimal climate in the living space and in the cabinets.